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Little House Dishwashing

This is the second part of a two-part series on reducing power outage headaches.  Read Part 1, “Little House  Living: Power Outage Tips” here. 

     A Proverb: The power will always go out when you have a full load of dirty dishes; and the longer you put off washing, the longer your power will stay off.

Many of us never learned the art of washing an entire load of stuff. But when the well is out, water conservation is at stake, so here’s our step-by-step.  (And don’t miss the video at the end.) Keep rambling....

Eagles Mere’s Snowy Side

Figure you know what the best time of year to visit Eagles Mere is? Did you guess winter?

No? Keep reading. We might change your mind.

If you like snow, even moderately, or if you are open to new adventures, try Eagles Mere in the “off-season.” Folks who live here year ’round can tell you that you haven’t truly experienced the Town Time Forgot until you’ve been here when the days are shortest and the ground is whitest.

Snow is embraced, or at worst well-tolerated, by those who call Eagles Mere their permanent address. If the local paper runs an annual “Guess How Much Snow?” contest–with cash prizes!–frozen precip must be a welcome friend. There are several good reasons. Keep rambling....