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Spring Wildflowers

Okay, yes, the snow is really pretty. But change is good.

So when the drifts finally recede, it’s time to keep one’s senses open to all the sights and sounds and smells and any other clues one can find for Spring’s Mountain arrival.

Anything–ANYTHING–poking through the ground is a reason to celebrate.  Even a worm.

So let’s talk early spring wildflowers today.

Coltsfoot IMG_20170420_123111000.jpg
Look, Ma! No leaves!
The first noticeable wildflower is usually mistaken for dandelions. It is Coltsfoot.  The obvious diff between it and your little lawn pest is the lack of leaves! Seriously, you can remember this! These flowers come up BEFORE the leaves, and when was the last time you saw dandelions do that??  That explains their earlier name: “Son-before-the-father.” They get their present name from the leaf shape which, at full-size, truly looks like a pony hoof-print. Keep rambling....

Tundra Swans Return. Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Leslie K. Druschel
Tundra Swans at Sunset on Eagles Mere Lake

Adults be like:  I hate it!/I’m so done!/I wannagotoflorida.

Kids be like: YESSSSS.

Cuz they don’t plow, and mop wet floors, and of course, they LIKE missing a day of work  school.

And our dog.  “White grass!!”, he announces, and plunges in, regardless of the depth, rolling around like a pig in the mud.  He emerges a new breed, no more spots, snow clinging to everything, especially his shaggy ears and legs where it forms snowballs that melt all over the carpet. On those days, he’s restrained from the couch until he’s all fur again. Keep rambling....