Who We Are

We were bored.
It was the middle of a long winter whose snowy charms were beginning to fade.  What to do?
Start a blog, naturally. Isn’t that what you’d do?

A photography project I (Leslie) began, taking a photo a day and posting to Facebook, brought a torrent of positive feedback from friends of the Eagles Mere page. I was stunned. What had started as a simple creative outlet was brightening the day of people across the continent, many I had never met who were so grateful for visions of their favorite place on Earth in all seasons, especially the ones they couldn’t be there for.

But I wanted to give them more than just a picture.
I wanted to tell the stories, the stories behind the pictures. The trivia surrounding a name in the sidewalk. A special landmark on an Arrow Path. The arrival of the first birds of spring. The arrival of the first snows of winter. The Regatta. Golf.
However, it became more than that. Together with my hubbie Bill, I realized we had decades of experience in this little Holy Grail of a town and thought sharing the informational wealth would be useful to you, dear reader, who feels a kindred spirit with all things Eagles Mere.
But we aim to be more than a few sterile static pages of lists.
Rather, you’re going to get our personal spin and insider tips to make the most of your time when you’re here. Wondering about that funky hole-in-the-wall? We tried it. Where to source some local goodies? You’re covered.
So maybe you’re asking the same question everyone asks when introduced to a fellow Eagles Merian: “How did you find this place?”
Our journey to EM started before I was born. It was the 1930s and my grandmother had a delicate constitution that couldn’t take the heat. Sultry summers in Washington, DC were-surprise!-not a healthy situation, so gratefully my grandfather learned about a pleasant mountaintop resort with cool, clean air that she could enjoy with her three children, the oldest my father. They purchased the Munson Cottage on Eagles Mere Avenue and enjoyed it until my grandparents’ passings around 1960 when it was sold.
Sadly, I did not share the tradition, but thoughts of Eagles Mere were never far from my dad’s heart or mind, and in 1980, he rented Kuloff Cottage to relive his wonderful childhood and pass its joys on to his four kids. This would also include my boyfriend Bill who it is rumored proposed after he first visited in order to keep his foot in Eagles Mere’s door. Wink.
We began pilgrimages of our own that expanded over time from occasional weekends to multiple weeks. Eventually ownership became a goal, and so ever since 1998 we have enjoyed summers on Fern Lane. Upping the ante, we sold our home in the Big City and made Eagles Mere our year-round address in 2015. We even have a daughter at Sullivan County High School who has introduced us to life in the community at large. (She has stories of her own!)
So with 35 years on the mountain and three generations under our belt it’s time for give-back. And it’s all for you.
We want to guide you along paths of happiness and laughter, and sometimes sobriety (the mental kind). We want you to feel like you’re here when you’re not, and enjoy it even more when you are, through pictures and anecdotes and musings.
In other words, you will experience Eagles Mere in every way.
Eagles Mere in all ways.

Leslie and Bill

Leslie and Bill
Always, Your Friendly Bloggers