Porch Chairs

Leslie has a major thing for porches. To her, they symbolize tranquility, family, good conversation, warm weather–all very different things, but also connectable.

So whenever she sees a porch well-fitted with comfortable chairs, especially rockers, she’s seeing smiles, and chit-chat floating through the air on hot afternoons or moonlit evenings, even if the chairs are unoccupied or the snow is knee-deep.

She’s glad she lives in EM. This town embraces porch-living epic-ly.

“Always” yours, 

Leslie and Bill

P.S. Seen any great chairs we should take a photo of? Let us know below!


Porch Chairs

Yellow Wicker Rockers
St. Patrick's Porch Chairs
Deck Chairs in Snow
Deck Chairs in Snow
Deck Chairs in Snow
Red and Green Rocker
Red and Green Rocker


Druschel Deck Chairs in Winter
Thoughts of warmer days to come
Emily Dewire's Adirondack Chairs
Celebrating St. Pat’s on the porch
Margie White's Blue Rocker
Porch Heaven
Flora Villa Yellow Wicker Rockers
Sunny morning on the Flora Villa porch
Evan Solot's red and green rocker
Don’t change a thing. Not even the old cushion.
General Porch chairs
A “general” meet-and-greet on the general Store porch
Even Solot's White Rocker
Just the right creak

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