The Hardly Able in Hibernation

This sweet craft surely must be the lake mascot.  Summer is truly in swing when the Hardly Able begins its daily tours. At the end of the season, all the little grateful sailors grab sponges and soap and scour her hull before she is tucked into her cozy bed for the winter.

Have you ever wondered what the Hardly’s bedroom looks like? It’s not easy to tell by looking through the windows– if you dare get that close to the dirty, spider-webby glass!

Even if you’re brave, you’re still likely to be disappointed because it’s so dark in there! (Well, who likes to sleep with the lights on?)

Now, thanks to the miracle of modern digital photographic processing, you can take a long look. And you’ll find it doesn’t look much different than a teenager’s bedroom: a jumble of everything!

Sleep well, Miss Able. See you when you wake up!

“Always” yours, 

Leslie and Bill

P.S. Do you have a favorite Hardly Able memory? Share it with us below!

A peek inside The Hardly Able’s Bedroom


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