Eagles Mere’s Snowy Side

Figure you know what the best time of year to visit Eagles Mere is? Did you guess winter?

No? Keep reading. We might change your mind.

If you like snow, even moderately, or if you are open to new adventures, try Eagles Mere in the “off-season.” Folks who live here year ’round can tell you that you haven’t truly experienced the Town Time Forgot until you’ve been here when the days are shortest and the ground is whitest.

Snow is embraced, or at worst well-tolerated, by those who call Eagles Mere their permanent address. If the local paper runs an annual “Guess How Much Snow?” contest–with cash prizes!–frozen precip must be a welcome friend. There are several good reasons. Keep rambling....

Tundra Swans Return. Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Leslie K. Druschel
Tundra Swans at Sunset on Eagles Mere Lake

Adults be like:  I hate it!/I’m so done!/I wannagotoflorida.

Kids be like: YESSSSS.

Cuz they don’t plow, and mop wet floors, and of course, they LIKE missing a day of work  school.

And our dog.  “White grass!!”, he announces, and plunges in, regardless of the depth, rolling around like a pig in the mud.  He emerges a new breed, no more spots, snow clinging to everything, especially his shaggy ears and legs where it forms snowballs that melt all over the carpet. On those days, he’s restrained from the couch until he’s all fur again. Keep rambling....